Guys, Boyfriend acting weird, am I overreacting?

My boyfriend got all he wanted this week; we went to his ex girlfriends small party on New Years, I decided to go to support him. After that, I slept at his house, and everything seemed fine. But today I texted him asking if he was doing any better since he complained that he wasn't feeling well. I didn't get a simple message like, "no, not really", I got more of a "sorry, but no." I asked him why he said sorry, and he says he knows I want to spend time with him. Of course, being the nice girl I am, I texted him back saying I wasn't looking to spend time today I was only asking him if he was getting better.

Am I overreacting?


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  • You may be overreacting. Don't read into things too kuch u less you've a legitimate reason.

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