Could his culture be an issue when it comes to dating if he likes me?

So I met this guy from Vietnam
I live in America
I approach him first and I asked for his number and he put it in my phone

I Googled Vietnam dating culture and I'm seriously regretting doing this

I don't know if the website is dated or if this is only for marriage but it says the man in his culture initiates first

It also says the first time they hang out it should be in a group in no affection should be shown and it says the the guy should ask the family but I don't know if this only pertains to marriage

I just met the guy so obviously I'm not trying to marry him lol but I can't help but feel he might be turned off by me asking him to hang out?

I asked him on the phone and he said yes and he is very nice

I'm trying to get to know him
We did not set up a date to meet yet
I'm currently not working so I don't have money

Should I tell him we can't hang out because I'm not working or what?

I'm looking for a job

It also says he is supposed to give her flowers and gifts


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  • You should just go with the flow instead of following what some random internet site tells you to do. Sure culture can influence things but more often than not individuals do not have the attributes that their culture would give them. I'm Latvian and we're supposed to love singing all the time every time and yet I fucking hate it. So maybe he's different as well.


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  • O. o why are you going off of his culture just enjoy the dates and see where it goes.

    • We have not gone on a date yet

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    • Really it depends on how the guy and gal vet along and how much he ends up liking you.

    • Well he said he would hang out but he stopped contacting me after the second week

  • You should try to act like a civilized and intelligent human being from a first world country, and not ask people out the first thing you do.


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