How/when do I tell my hypervigilant, opinionated parent I'm dating?

Hi y'all! :)

I'm 21, this is my first time dating, and I've grown up in a very conservative family. I've realized that what I want doesn't always align with what my parent wants. I'm actually a bit afraid of their reaction, knowing that our relationship could turn for the negative. Please suggest ways in which I could let them know that I'm dating. Thanks!


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  • Doesn't matter what their opinion on it will be, you're 21 already and it's completely not their business anymore. All they need to know whether whomever you're dating is a good person or not. Either way, just politely bring it up in a conversation next time you talk with them. Do it casually.


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  • I doubt your parents will alienate you. They may react a little negatively at first, but they will eventually respect your decisions in the end. Remind them that you're an adult and you know what you're doing.