Emailing a woman at a workplace with an email address that ends with. org?

so, i met a woman at an ice rink last Saturday on the 25th of December. long story short, she apparently watched me ice skating for a bit, and as i was going past her, she calls me back and asks me to teach her to ice skate, i say im not that good, she says, you're good, I've seen you skate. she offers to pay me $50, i refuse to accept but i teach her anyway. we hold hands, we skate, we talk a little while holding hands... at the end, she and her friend, go return their skates, i didn't think id see her again because she mentioned she has a boyfriend. also, this happened in maryland, she lives in los angeles...(here on vacation for holidays)... long story short, she comes back to me with her friend, asks to take a picture with me, i accept, we do, gives me her workplace card with her email address, and tells me twice to email her. also, tells me twice to come out to L. A. sometime... problem is, I've emailed her last weeka dn still no response. my question is, i emailed her from a netscape. net email address i have and her workplace email ends with. org... is there an issue? is it possibkle that she hasn't receieved it for some reason? she gave me her business card and i spelt it right...


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  • Some companies have strict rules about the addresses of incoming emails, and if it could very well been either rejected or sent to spam abd eventually ignored or automatically deleted.

    Try sending it from a gmail account. Also some people only check their work email, when they're actually at work, so in these holidays she may have not even checked it.

    Be safe, use gmail or outlook/yahoo

    • u think netscape was blocked?

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    • I would resend just to be on the safe side.

      But don't put many expectations on this... It could have very well been a holiday fling

    • Oh ok, I didn't read that last one before answering

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