Guys, did he really like me? PLEASE answer!! along with GIRLS!! thank you!

okay, so I've known Eric since last September, and we used to text each other like everyday, and he would start texting first most of the time. anyways, last week he started calling me hun, babe, and baby, and we aren't dating.. we can tell each other like ANYTHING. and he's told me a lot of stuff that he hasn't told anyone else.. he sent me a 5 page text message and said that he's never sent anyone that long of a text before.. and we got in a small fight Friday, and he didn't text me at all until like yesterday.. unless I texted him first, and even then, he wouldn't always reply.. but he told me that he wasn't mad at me over the weekend.. and now, he has yet to call me hun, babe, or baby again, but he told me to call him last night just to talk and I did, and then he just texted me to call him tonight just 2 talk.. so what I'm wondering is, did he really like me before? does he still like me that way? or is he like completely over me now? PLEASE ANSWER! GUYS AND GIRLS ANSWERS GREATLY APPRECIATED! =0) if he still does like me, id like to send him a valentine's day thing at my school- "Gotta Crush? send them a crush!" is what its called.. you basically send it to anyone your "crushing" on, and they get it, but its from "anonymous". so once again, GUYS ANSWERS GREATLY APPRECIATED, ALONG WITH GIRLS ANSWERS! =) THANKS! =0)

  • Did he used to like me more than just a friend?
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  • Does he still like me more than a friend, and is just scared to "go further" and continue calling me those names- hun, babe, and baby, now?
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  • Does he just like me as a friend now?
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  • Sounds like a best friend to me. There's no attraction forming-->(Kissing / hugging / flirting / teasing / pushing / pulling / etc) and there is no "one night stand" evidence...-->(Rubbing / touching / arrousal / etc)... Considering the fact that your both 18, that's a good thing.

    - Onto the next area. Sounds like a best friend --> (Deep conversations / Little to no hostilities /

    no flirting / etc).

    Chosen Answer = C

    ~ ArtistBBoy


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  • Assuming that he's under 18 also, he probably got p*ssed off, then thought about it and cooled down.

    Send him the Crush thingy. He'll love it.


    • Well, he is 18. he's a junior, and imma sophomore. I'm 16. he "dropped out" of 2nd grade to stay home and help his mom deal with his dad, because his dad would beat him (eric) and his mom. then they gotta divorce later on, and he went back to school. so he's a year behind what he would normally be.

  • Answer: We don't know. We can't tell you.


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