My BEST friend made out with me? I'm not sure how to feel about this?

Honestly, our relationship is so great that I feel feelings would only come naturally because of how connected we are. I get it. Although his feelings are deeper than mine, I do have a natural affinity and love for him. I do have some kind of feeling but I stopped myself from having serious feelings because I want to remain friends because I just seriously don't want to ruin our friendship. I don't want to take the gamble and then lose him. I told him all of this. He agreed but also thinks it's worth a try too. I told him I'm not willing to take that chance. He respected that and said he was totally okay with that. He was at my house yesterday and we started wrestling and playing around and then he kissed me, we started kissing, on my bed, and he was on top of me. It was pretty intense. Nothing happened, just kissing, but I guess I'm worried if our friendship could be okay after this? I feel like I'm over exaggerating but I just like to hear other opinions. It hasn't changed anything, we're still great friends but I think we just lost ourselves in a moment and I guess I'm wondering if it's okay?


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  • It's okay if your both able to refrain yourself, otherwise what happened will happen again. If you can't maintain the friendship, you might as well take it to the next level since you won't be able to maintain the platonic friendship anyway.

    • Very true. Thanks for this. Something as simple as this has helped.

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  • It's okay, but you have to decide if are physically attracted to him or romantically attracted to him. If you just remain friends with him, you run the risk of him having another woman in his life. She will force him to divert his attention from you to him. Additionally, she may force him to choose her over you. Thus, you will eventually lose him anyway.

    • I don't care if he finds a girlfriend. If he's happy, that's fantastic. I encourage him to find one.

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    • It's easy to say that when you are single, but it's different when the other girl is present.

    • What happens will happen, way before all of this, I have friends that told me, look at how beautiful you are, once he gets a girl, she will get jealous and not want you to be friends. It's possible, but If it ever happens, I'll deal with it at the time accordingly. I can't say it will or won't so I should just leave it ambiguous.

  • Congratulations. You just added one more question in this forum regarding the ''just friends'' concept that so many girls desperately try to believe it actually exists.

    ''But... I thought we are just friends! What do I do?''
    ''OMG! He said he loves me! I thought we're just friends!''
    ''We are just friends and yet he tried to kiss me! I am so shocked!''

    Phrases we hear and read in both real life and forums like this one. You're not ruining any friendship because it doesn't even exist. He likes you and he will continue to like you until you submit. The idea of banging you will be always in his mind no matter what he tells you. You're just so naive that you don't want to accept it.
    I can only say thank you for proving ONCE MORE that men and women can't be just friends.

    • Did you bother to read my post? Because I said nothing like that. Lmao. Keep regurgitating that bullsh*t buddy. The idea of banging the opposite sex is natural, not that big of a deal, it's just a thought. ✌🏼️

  • Go for it, you only live once


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  • I took the gamble and I lost everything. Just be careful and think twice before you make a decision, that's all I have to say.
    I don't regret it though. I've learned many things from it.

    • Exactly, I know there's a huge risk and I just refuse to take it. Thanks for the reassurance.

    • Girl, just because it happened to me, it doesn't necessarily mean it will happen to you. Who knows?
      Maybe your story will have a different ending if you ever take that step. However, it's your choice.

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