Is it weird to hang out with someone who likes you if you are dating someone else?

If a girl makes it pretty obvious that she's into a guy , then he gets a girlfriend is it okay for him to consider going to places with the girl who likes him or giving /accepting gifts

Because I'm confused. I can see if the two people were friends and then he got in relationship. But if he and the girls are just cordial and he's into someone else shouldn't he bring it up somehow when nicely turning invite down from the 1st girl? Specifically if 1st girl invites him to Christmas party , why say he's spending it at family house, instead of " spending it at my parents with my girlfriend" which is the actual answer? And he almost went to concert with 1st girl but had to work. He's told her a while back before he was in the current relationship that he was dating someone when 1st girl first had interest so I imagine it's not about sparing feelings


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  • You can do that , but make it clear to your partner that you are just friends. Also, do not accept/give stuff too often or dont give or take things that are over like gifts that state you want to be together. Make sure it is ok with your partner