Guys, He Rejected My Friend Request?

About a year ago I was travelling to a party and bumped into an old male friend of mine. With that friend was another man whom I thought was very handsome. The handsome guy introduced himself to me and he was polite. Anyway, eventually my bus came and I got on and waved goodbye. About four months later I went to a dinner party and low and behold the handsome guy was there too. There were other guests but handsome guy didn’t treat me any differently to them. The only thing that stuck out to me was when he pointed at his glass wine on the table and whilst asking me to pass it to him he touched my arm. When I left the dinner party I thought to myself, if he’s interested he will follow me up on Facebook or ask about me. But weeks passed and neither thing happened. So I put it out of my head. A few months later I bumped into him at Church. He came up to me and he said to me “how come you’re here, you usually go to another church right?” I mentioned that I was only visiting and then he just stood there, looking me in the eyes and smiling. So, about three months later I sent him a friend request on Facebook and he rejected it. I was confused, because he has about 2000 friends on his list, so he’s hardly picky. I was also confused because I could see that he had accepted a friend request from a female friend of mine that he had only met once. So my question is obvious. Why did he reject my friend request?


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  • He does not feel that he knows you well enough to accept your friend request or that he forgotten who you are as you sent your Facebook friend request three months later.
    You should have sent your friend request a little earlier, perhaps a day to a week after you met him.

    He accepted your female friend request because he still can recall who she is in his mind. Keep in mind that church goers are not so open with male-female relationships than non-believers, hence, dealing with relationships with churchgoers are a bit more challenging and annoying.