Girls, When you see random good-looking guys in public walking , do you prefer them to have the brooding look OR a smile to their face ?

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  • I love guys with a "brooding " look.
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  • I love guys with a "smiling " look.
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  • I don't care if they have a brooding or smiling look.
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  • I hate both of the looks.
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  • If they have a brooding look, they look like they want attention.(it just comes across that way) If they have a smile on their face, they look arrogant for some reason. I don't necessarily hate the looks, I guess I would rather like a person with a normal expression on their face. Like maybe no smile, but not such a glum look. An in between face I guess.

    • Thanks :)) That's cool !!

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What Girls Said 2

  • I prefer smiling

    • Thanks :)) Do brooding guys freak you out?

  • They don't need to have a shit eating grin on or anything but a subtle smile or hint of a smile is nice. Doesn't really matter though.

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