Girls, Have you friend-zoned random guys, you were sexually attracted to at first sight?

Your personal experience?


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  • The "friend zone" is a myth. Women don't sort men into inescapable categories. If I'm attracted to you I'll want to be your friend first anyway (and won't know I'm really REALLY interested beyond admiring your attractiveness till I get to know you, anyway). If I'm not attracted to you but like you as a person I want to be your friend, too. Friendship is awesome and friendship is the only solid building block for a lasting romantic relationship. Guys need to stop talking about "The Friend Zone" and "Nice Guys finish last" as if being an awesome girl's friemd or being a nice person is a bad thing!

    • Thanks :)) So how would you differentiate between being attracted to a guy or only liking him as a person?

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    • Yeah, definitely. Once I see them in that light I'm not as comfortable around them any more. I guess I feel like something's actually at stake now? I won't be where I know I'll see them without trying to look nice. I'll be a lot more self conscious in general.

    • Do you avoid talking to a guy you are sexually attracted to, in a group of guys?

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  • Absolutely. Many times, it's a personality thing or some other reason. Also, for me, sometimes I like the way a guy looks, but not how he smells. Scent is a weird wild card for chicks.

    • Thanks :)) When you mentioned "some other reason" what are some reasons?

    • A guy being my ex's friend, for example. Maybe there is a deal breaker like he lives too far away or some other complication.

    • I c. Thanks :))