Why are people so surprised at my age that u don't have a girlfriend?

It's like it's abnormal at 24


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  • I truly believe that some people cannot conceptualize a happy, healthy, fun progressive life without a girlfriend or boyfriend being involved which is why they come to that conclusion. There's nothing wrong with being 24 and not having a significant other! In fact, I think the best way to live is to fall madly, deeply, intensely in love with life and do not let any romance captivate your attention for too long unless they are your soulmate. Life is just so much more fun and carefree this way! :) You don't have to worry about the inevitable bullchit that comes with serious dating. You get to jump into various different passions. God forbid your life ends sooner than expected, you can say you experienced a lot of different, wonderful things.

    I recommend not having a girlfriend unless she's a truly special girl whom you could see yourself making a life partner out of one day. Until then, just enjoy life and date for fun to practice seduction, enjoy good food, flirt, and just have a good evening!

    • Thanks for MHO :)

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    • I just don't understand there's people who don't even try and can still get one

    • There's usually something about them that others are drawn to

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  • i don't think it's the age that surprises me per se. i think it's when i find out he's a really good person, and ain't too shabby either. that's what surprises me, is how many women passed that by, and why.

    • Yeah I am a good person I don't drink, smoke no legal problems

  • I don't think it's abnormal. I'm 22 and most of my friends are single.

    I think a lot of older people just assume that "kids these days" date all the time and they sort of assume that people in their 20s are in relationships because that's what it looks like from the media.
    And sometimes there will be people that think you're a great person and are just suprised that you're not taken already.

    • Yeah I actually have never had a girlfriend

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