Girls, I don't know what to do?

So this girl Arianna, I don't know what to. She's a teammate of mine's ex-girlfriend, but honestly the guy is a douchemonkey and he literally dumped her at school, then came back and bragged how good it felt to be single. Then she started saying she hated me (but I couldn't tell if she was joking or was serious), but she said it was because I'm annoying. I understand because I poke her a little bit during Spanish, but I do that because it's fun.
Arianna is funny, smart, big smile, pretty, but she's not a super skinny girl, which I prefer. She gorgeous.
So either way we were at this party and we were in the piano room and she started playing and singing and I don't know what happened but I saw her in a whole different light. The girl has a beautiful voice.
I'm going to talk to her best friend (a good friend of mine) about it. What should I say to her?
Also how can I talk to Arianna about this without coming off as either weird or getting kicked in the nuts?


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  • If you don't mind losing a friend (and the possibility of getting to kicked in the nuts) then go for it. Tell her friend how you feel about Arianna. All you said here put straight into what you say to her. Even if she rejects you (and kicks you) at least you got it out and maybe made her feel good, too. If you come back a second time you might just convince her how crazy you are about her. However if you're rejected again don't come back a third time and just let it go. It would just be weird the third time..;