Other than cheating why would he keep his P. O. F account active?

Sooooo no, I didn't go digging, but I noticed his phone had a pic notification. I let it go, thought "just because he still has it doesn't mean he's using it". But then tonight I have nothing better to do than wonder sooo I redownloaded the app and signed in. went to his profile to see when he last signed in... he was on it as of 12/19. Now since I viewed him, he's going to know I know... and I'm trying not to make a big deal about this. I've dated a serial-cheater before him, he hasn't shown any signs of looking else where. Any ideas?

Ps. We've been seeing each other almost a year

Pof not pic *


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  • Keeping his options open or validation seeking or window shopping.

    • Should I be nervous? We're getting rather serious.

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    • All worked out. Thank you :)

    • Glad to hear it! :)

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  • Tell him how you found out and your feelings on the subject. See how it goes. If he wants to keep it active, I'd get rid of him.


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  • POF discriminates, so why would any guy keep his account.

    • Discriminates?

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    • Oh I wasn't aware.

    • Yip as soon as I found out I deleted my account and I would never use that site again.

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