Why do people say " I love you " and " i'll move there for you " when they don't mean it?

Had it happen to me a lot. lets say the girl lived an hour away and said she loved me and was going to move here. it ended up being BS of course.


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  • They ca talk the talk, but can't walk the walk. They can't live up to there words. I fucking hate people, who goes against what they say.


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  • "I love you" and "I'll move there for you" and "I'm leaving and I'm taking the dog with me. And the sofa".


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  • people like making plans

  • That sucks. Did you spend anytime with her before?

    • We hung out 3 times. We talked for months. I didn't believe her when she said she'd move but it was still weird to have her turn around and leave and act like I never existed.

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    • Wow. Im sorry to hear that. But there will be someone to see past that. You just can't give up

    • Feel free to inbox me if u need to talk.

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  • Someone made her a better offer, full stop. She just made a cost/benefit analysis and you came in second.

    Girls have few principles and think it's ok to go back on their word, part of the traditional privileges of girls in the USA.. it's ok to be two-faced, while guys would get called on such behavior.

    And it hasn't changed all that much... even with advancing female equality, they cling to their traditional privileges and exceptions, of course.

    • She was 25
      A college grad
      Worked part time at a feed store

      Where I live offered her a way better paying job
      Her mom said she wasn't moving and I never heard from her again it was weird. I don't miss her it's been 9 months, I've just never been involved with something so bizarre

    • I'm surprised, that you are surprised!

    • oh i figured she wasn't coming, it was just the way she did it, like she txted me and i never saw again. and she left me over a part time job was bs.