Should I call or text a girl whom I haven't speaking for a while... please help, I'm really shy?

About 4 months ago, I met a girl online, we exchanged numbers& spoke a few times, she sounded somewhat interested... but things really got a bit cold... I didn't call or message her and she didn't either.

Well I want to re-enter the scene... so should I call or text... and if I call is the pretext, "hey we haven't spoken in a while so I though of calling you" good enough or does it sound creepy?

Please help me, I'm shy and I really like her...


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  • Yeah, one of you needs to break the ice here. It might as well be you.

    But if she seems uninterested after you contact her, then just let go. It's not worth pursuing her further.


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  • I might just text her "hi" and see if she responds.


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