Could he still be interested in me?

Okay... So here it goes
My crush he sent me a follow request on Instagram...
and I'm curious as to why we stopped talking...
We would talk every other day and suddenly it stopped. My teacher had put the desks in groups and he decided to sit with his friend but next to me! I laughed at something he said and he just started a conversation ! And it went really well! Then later on... I talked to him when the bell rang and we were walking and talking. However , we were so close together side by side !!! Our hands were touching ! Keep in mind that we are both in juniors in highschool (I'm 16) should I continue talking to him? Did he stop talking to me because he's shy? I really hope he's interested in me because he is funny, smart, cute !!! Any advice would be appreciated 👍


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  • I think you should try to be friends with him first. So yes, keep talking to him.


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  • It's possible

  • Yes he is still interest in you :)


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