Emotionally attached or not?

How to know that a guy is emotionally attached to me and what is the differnce between physical and emotional attachement/attraction?


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  • After you have sex, does he still want to be close to you?

    • We haven't had any yet because after we met for the first tine 4 weeks ago, he went to hospital due to a virus infection and still hasn't been released... But tbh before our first date we talked on the phone for 4 hours and it sounded like he was already imagining a relationship with me, because he said things like "if we were together I'd pay you the train to visit me (when we talked about our jobs and i just told him i lost mine)... he made me laugh lots of times during our first date, was kinda awkward (which i learned is a good sign)
      BUT one week after the date he already started to ask me whether i like cuddeling, if i wanna cuddle, that he wants to cuddle, blah blah..

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    • ok so is there anything t all i could do now before i might all for him and get heart broken?

    • Keep reminding yourself to not let yourself fall too fast.

  • This is the hardest question to give an answer to in all the dating relationship questions. I have a lot of experience in both fields and this is the one its simply not possible to crack. Physical chemistry and sexual attraction are tangible. However guys and some girls can be very manipulative and openly lie to get sex.
    This is why many people believe in no sex until at least the third date. If their a real player they will be off to find someone easier to bed. If they hang around then things are more hopeful.
    You have judge your own senses and live and learn iam afraid.


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  • Good question! I wonder that as well!

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