Age difference, she is older?

I'm 26 years old male, she is 31 (or even 32) years old female. She looks much younger (25) and her personality match this age. Should I try or she is too old?


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  • It's not out of the question that she would consider dating you, but as a woman of the same age I have to say that I'm generally attracted to guys 35 and above and 30 would be as young as I would consider.

    I also look a lot younger than I am (people assume I am mid 20s) - so be careful that you're not just assuming that she has a young personality just because she looks young. I personally get irritated when people treat me as if I were much younger than I actually am.


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  • Age is just a number! If you are both attracted to each other, there's no harm in giving it a try. :)


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  • No! Your both old to me! Just stick together!

  • If she's 32 with a personalot of a 25 year old that's a different issue all together 😂


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