Girls, If you like a guy would you be okay hanging out with him alone?

There is this girl that I really like and I keep trying to get her alone so I can talk a little more with her (1 on 1), I want to talk to her without people around. Unfortunately whenever we hang out its in a group of a couple people, usually her friends. Even in the group though the 2 of us usually talk to each other more then anyone else, so she at least likes talking to me. I keep trying to get her alone to talk a little (maybe ask her out too, but not quite yet), but every time I try to invite her to meet up (at our college), she always brings a friend or two. I never specify that its just the two of us, but its implied. The two of us talk just fine in a group of people, why can't we hang out alone for once? Is this a sign she doesn't like me? Why doesn't she want to be alone with me?(and by alone I mean still in a public place, I just want to eat lunch with her, or sit down and talk for a little while).


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  • Maybe make it a little more obvious that you're wanting to hang out with just her and ask her if she would be comfortable with that. Sometimes girls bring a friend with them to meet a guy because they're nervous or they don't necessarily feeling comfortable going on their own yet.


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