Tired of online social apps?

I've made an agreement with my friends. We are no longer responding to guys online. We will only go out with guys who ask us face to face. Tired of all the online easy outs and drama. How hard can it be?


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  • But what if it's me? Just random guy from the internet, willing to chat? XD

    Anyway, yea it shouldn't be that hard

  • What is the question?

    • The last sentence. How hard can it be... for a guy to ask a girl out face to face instead of online?

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    • Im alone all the time especially going to class. All my friends are majoring in other classes and subjects. Im alone at the grocery store, at the post office. ... at work... places friends think its boring to go with... I actually had a guy ask me out while riding the subway and I said yes. If I wasn't interested id still be polite. How is rejection different if its online or face to face?

    • Well if it's online at least they won't see your reaction. And they won't be able to take it further and humiliate you.

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