Can I stay close but lose my feelings with a girl?

After a brief post-holiday flung with one of my friends I quickly fell in love with a girl and became hugely emotionally unstable when she didn't want to take things further. I decided the best way to get out of this hell would be to leave her, stop texting/facebook messaging etc. This is very difficult because she has the same friends as me, appears on our nights out and in our Facebook group chat.

She said that she likes me but isn't in the right place for a relationship at the moment. She said it's possible that maybe she will one day commit to something but couldn't bare loosing me for good. She gets attention from better looking and more confident lads than me so I'm wondering if she thinks I'm not quite good enough (I don't consider myself ugly, just average but I put effort in).

4 months now have passed since our fling and I'm not completely back to normal. I'm still crazy about her but I'm scared that I will end up being patient for nothing.

The question is... Is it possible for us two to go back to just friends? Any advice on how to lose feelings for someone but not lose them?


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  • I am known as "Boy with no heart" and I can narrow it down for you.
    Its simple
    Don't develop the feelings from the first place, its easy consider G. fs sluts and ought to be fucked and they are.
    If you cross the line then find a reason to hate her as She is some witch or Satan still not working then you are weak one, its simple man "IF you don't believe you can get pass it you never will" and last thing be brave to hurt her feelings don't fall for her tears its her best weapon laugh at her AND YOU GAGERS DON'T NEED TO REMIND ME AGAIN YOU THINK I AM PSYCHO CASE.

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