Guys, Question for guys , what to you is a good ex girlfreind? How would you think it best to act around you're ex?

It's been about 5 months from the break up the relationship was around 4 months it was very short intense and passionate the conflict came from us both being very two hot headed people so it just didn't work , he left and came back and left and I did the whole needy crying texting turning up at the door and all in all it was awful , I'm in the predicament now of being in the same place of work , I plan to leave as soon as possible but I do have to find a way to hadle it at work and I'm so embarrassed of how I've been it turned me into a completly diffirent person and I'm ashamed and I can't take back anything horrible I've said its just too many apologies , any advice on how I can act normally around him? I think if I avoid it's dramatic if I ignore its dramatic but I also don't want to give him attention because it's creepy and needy I just don't know how I'm supposed to act we don't talk right now and I haven't heard anything so it's been no contact on both sides for about 5 days will it get better? Should I leave work? Is it immature? I can't think rationally so I need some male advice and truth


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  • I want one who minds her own business and doesn't interfere with me, doesn't parade new guys she's fucking in front of me, basically I want her to leave me alone.

    • Thankyou for the opinions, and there are no guys to parade I don't want to make him jealous I just don't want him to be so angry with me for taking the break up badly I know going no contact is best but there's a weird punishment mentally I'n work I think he does it on purpose to justify some thing either that or im totally nuts and I left my job today got a new one tommrow so I'm lucky I guess

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    • Yeah, you'll be fine! :)

    • Thanks for mho!

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  • Leave the pain and at least be able to be in the same room together even though we're not dating

  • I haven't seen them in years haha

    but when I did once I just didn't talk to them

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