What to do when your not liked in the town you work in at all?

to try and explain i live in a really small town lets say 1000 people and work in another town that is around 16,000 people but went to high school in another larger town north of where i live. so although i " work " in this town i don't really have a lot of other connections to it. i have a job in this town but its really boring at a small manufacturing company and doesn't allow me to meet anyone through work. i do go out for lunch at a few small restaurants and fast food places nearby and have meet a few people there but not really many.
i also go to the gym after work some nights but only really meet one girl there i enjoyed talking to and she was new to town and only moved here for work. i really don't have any social connections in this town at all and really not sure how to even begin to improve things? i haven't really dated any girls from this town the entire time i have lived in this area , although i've meet a few over the years but nothing really lead to much. most of my dating leads seem to come out of town i live in or where i went to high school. i've been to a few of the pubs/sports bars in this town but honestly never meet anyone and felt my time out was a complete waste of time
i honestly think some of them would like me if they ever got to know me as i've meet a lot of similar girls and don't see why girls from this town different. i really think i'm seen as an outsider cause i didn't go to high school there and so didn't get to meet these people when they were growing up. but i'm not really sure what the problem is , small towns can be really weird.


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  • Maybe it's time for a change of scenery


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