Why do men undermine me?

This guy complaint about me not having goals in life (i never even told him what my goals were, he just assumed i didn't had any because i was fired from my job and lived at home, i was 22 by the way, whatever im human i was juggeling two jobs so i dropped one) If i told him about my goals he would undermine me, he would undermine my degree and will say things to make me feel bad, like you dont have the skils to become a ceo, no one listens to u except me, and this was ugly as f** only thing special about him was that he was a doctor but he would act as if he was a God. He said how could you let a guy like me go, i was very nonchalant about him because he was just acting like an idiot, and i didn't wanted to sleep with him. He made me feel so bad about myself, i started noticing things about myself i never even knew i had, but while we were making out he would say i was the most beautiful girl he has ever had and would literally beg me to come over and spend time with him... whats up with him? I rejected him and now he rejected me and called me a ''piece of shit'' and that i will never find anyone like him, and that i should go dissappoint someone else and that i have a shit personality, all because i never cared for him in any kind of way, instead of helping me finding out what my passions are he just cursed at me and then complaint about me not having goals in life, im 23 i dont have to know yet, is he a psycho? and now he is dating a girl 10 times uglier and settled for her which made me laugh cause he would always say... maybe i will find my supermodel somewhere and he ended up with a busty ninja turtle look alike African girl (no offense she might be better with him)


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  • Leave the poor guy alone... He should avoid you for the sake of all good


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