Guys, in your experience how true have you found the whole "pretty girls have dull personalities" thing?

as in, have you found it to be motly true, or a cliche more or less?


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  • Well I'm a girl and I can answer that because I've dated girls before. There was maybe 2 pretty girls I knew who had no personality. They were like sponges and only mimicked what they saw. Didn't have anything to offer and had low intelligence but was pretty devious and manipulative. I've met some pretty people with great personalities as well. You can't match a face to a personality. It's just one if those things you have to get to know.


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  • There is some truth to it, otherwise the stereotype wouldn't exist. However, I wouldn't call it a "rule".

    Have I met attractive girls that had the personalit of a brick wall? Yes. There was a fair amount of those girls at my school. Granted, I went to a school full of affluent daddy's girls, so I think my case is unique. There were some girls there that were really hot until they opened their mouths, and there are some that have no life outside of modeling or working at Starbucks. It's unfortunate but it happens.

    However, I have met many attractive girls that break that idea. Just because a girl is attractive doesn't automatically mean she lacks in personality or smarts, some girls really have it all. There are a lot of pretty girls out there who do not know they're pretty. At worst I'd say I met more pretty girls with bitchy personalities than "dull" ones, but I've also met a lot of unattractive women who had bitchy personalities, go figure.

    So I say don't just assume a girl is dull just because she's attractive. Wait until she starts talking about something and then you'll find out.


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  • Fucking false!
    Bitch please, all of my female friends I've ever had are pretty (and I don't have low standards), but they had great enough personalities for me to want to be their friend.

    Ugly girls just tell themselves that because they want to compensate for their ugliness, even though plenty of ugly girls have ugly personalities.

    • its not just ugly girls who "tell themselves" that. a lot of different kinds of people from both genders say that. hell i've had a pretty girl tell me herself that pretty girls are bitches (implying i guess that she was an exception). that being said, im gonna have to take it with quite a large grain of salt that all these friends you have are actually pretty.

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    • maybe thats because the girls on this site aren't that pretty?

    • Good point, but still man. Most pretty girls I know have decent personalities.

  • heck, i pray for dull personality. usually you get entitled and/or superficial personality. a pretty girl who's at least just dull is a breath of fresh air

    • well girls who are feel entitled are annoying so i guess that counts as being dull too. you're saying you have found it to be true then?

  • Way back in the past , probably more bitchy & mean types , a lot were also quite dull too.

  • Well let's look at this logically If your a girl you don't really need to develop a personality for the other sex to find you attractive and want to date you. Now add in pretty girl and you just need to exist and be at a location and many guys (who aren't chicken shit) will offer you the world for the chance at dating you. You don't have to develop a personality because people are more interested in your looks. The same can be said for attractive men.

    • i see. by the way, in your experience how true have you found the whole "pretty girls have dull personalities" thing?

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