Guy friend asked me out, but I have no feelings for him?

I've become friends with this guy recently. He's really sweet, funny, and I feel comfortable around him. But now I think he's asked me on a date.

I suspected that he may have liked me a little bit but now I'm quite sure he does (he hasn't confessed it explicitly, though). But the thing is I have zero romantic interest in him, despite all of his good qualities. I just want to be friends. What complicates it more is that he is my ex's friend.

What do I do?

Also, since he didn't use the word "date" when he asked me... do you think I should ask him if he means going out as a just friends thing?


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  • I think you should tell him that he is a friend that you have no romantic interests in, but that you would be willing to go out with him to get to know him a bit better. Go someplace where you can talk, like a meal or just coffee, that kind of thing. You can get to know him better, you can explain your feelings to him, and you may also find that you do have at least some romantic interest in him after all. So go out for the opportunity to get to know him better, But let him know in advance that that is what you are doing.

    • Thank you, this is good advice! I so wish there was a non-awkward way to say it though, oh dear..

    • Since you are not even sure that he even asked you out, you can assume he did not and ask him out. "so-and-so, I enjoy your friendship and would like the chance to talk and get to know you better. How about we get coffee Saturday afternoon and get to know each other a little better?"

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  • Tell him that he's like a brother to you or he looks exactly like a cousin of yours... will save you from a lot of trouble

  • Ohhh your about lose this friend for good

    • Seriously? Aw :(

    • I wouldn't stay friends with you after turning me down no way in Hell

  • Tell him that he is stuck in the freindzone and that he needs to let go of the crush that he has on you.
    Just be weary that his behavior as a freind might change towards you for a bit.

  • Then you need to be honest and reject him, but be prepared for the end of your friendship.


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