Guys, Haven't Heard From Him In A Little Over A Week?

Title says it all - met via online dating - great first date, kiss included - a little texting a few days post date wherein he apologized for seemingly disappearing due to busy sched. - I inquired about meeting over holiday break possibly. His response: "yeah that's a possibility! I'll let you know!" (exclamations included). Haven't heard from him in a little over a week - still active on dating profile (I know, one date shouldn't be the 'do I stay or ditch him' thing, but I'm curious what action should be taken by me, if any).

I did send a text a few days after suggestion of meeting up over holidays (just a general "hey, how's mini-vacation (aka break) going") and nothing. Even while messaging online, he would take a WHILE to get back. Thoughts?


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  • You should make yourself available for dates with other men.

    • Well, yes, that's obvious -- however, this one I have connected with more than the others, hence the inquiry. My profile is still active and I still date others, just curious about this particular one.

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    • haha thanks! :)

    • welcome. happy new year!