Guys! The guy I was seeing hurt my feelings but hasn't called. Should I call first?

I posted earlier this week about an awkward NYE I had with a guy I am/was seeing (long story short: it's only been a month but he invited me to his party then ignored me in front of his friends). I left feeling pretty embarrassed. I asked him if it was over when I left his party and he said it wasn't but he hasn't called me since. I haven't made any effort either because I'm upset and I feel he owes me an apology. I don't care if we don't see each other again but I'm hurt by his callousness. Everyone I talk to says I should keep holding out and waiting for him to call me. They say if I call, the guy will think even less of me. But this feels like playing games to me and I'd like some closure.



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  • what would you be holding out for? a guy who ignores you in front of his friends?

    c'mon. is that someone you'd really wanna be with long term? if you were important to him, you two wouldda been inseparable. quit w/ the conspiracy theories in your head in his defense.

    if u wanna call someone, you can call me.