What should I do if I love a guy who may not love me back in the same way?

So, I have been in love with this guy for 9 months. we don't talk a lot to each other and we kind of live far from each other, we met through youth conference my friend was hosting from since then I've never been able to forget him; I even rejected a guy who liked me so much because of him and as months goes by I find myself more in love with him while he may not be feling the same thing for me (which hurts a lot). I hate to admit this but it the reality of it all, I always have dreams of him coming to me for help which I gladly help him in my dreams however in reality we're not that close for him to come to me for help; after dreaming I'd always want to call him and see if everything is fine because I care a lot for him but I don't get the courage to call. Nowdays I have been having dreams where he can't even look at me and him trying to avoid me and so, when I wake up from dreams like this I'd feel as if I'm loosing him (well I know I didn't have him in the first place but you'd understand if you've lost your lover once) which hurts me a lot. I hate that I've never got the courage to tell him how I feel because of my ''standards'' of not pursuing guy first and I wanted him to feel for me first but it looks like that is not happening any sooner and that now I thing he may be seeying someone now I don't know what to do. I don't think I can let him go. I've loved him for nine months thought I don't get to see him very often but the love I have for him from the first day I saw him until now it has never changed. Every time I hear his name or see anything related to him I'd miss and wish to see him but I only met him at church same sundays (I'm the one who have to travel just to see him, How desperate am I). My heart hurts a lot for not having him and being far from him.

Please let know you thought what should I do with my one sided love?

P. s I'm the one who texts frist.


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  • You should move on or be prepared to be miserable


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