Guys, Would you do this with a friend with benefits?

- take her to brunch with your mates
- bring her to a catchup with your dads side of the fanily
- be on the phone with her for more than half an hour most call
- text everyday
- have amazing sex, including sleep overs and cuddles
- random kisses
- go out to the movies, dinners, sporting events etc
(we went out to dinner last night with one of his mates and his was interrogating me, asking me how long we've known each other etc.)

im just confused, because he seems to give me mixed signals-


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  • Yes, when I have a female friend with benefits, there is no matter to do anything with her except introducing her to my mother or my grandmother, any other thing is ok for me: introducing friends, travelling together, having dinner together, etc.

    • Why not just make it official then if you do so much together? Like to me it sounds like something you'd do with a girlfriend

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    • What if you have all of that but don't have that "spark" whatever that is... I feel that's what we are lacking

    • In my opinion, the lack of spark is a barrier to kiss o have sex with somebody, but once you have passed that barrier it shouldn't be a problem to make they your partner if there is the needed connection, but you have to consider that love takes time, some friends with benefits come into a love relationship but most don't.

  • I would do the bottom three

    • So you'd keep her completely separate from your mates? Like not bring her along and wouldn't tell them about her?

    • No but around them where just friends

  • sounds like he likes you. ask him if he wants to become exclusive

    • We did have the conversation last year, but after that I feel we've become so much closer with each other. We've met the families, he's cried and confided his insecurities in me and have just had so much more laughs together. Hence why I feel the mixed signals