Guys, Is this dateable?

I realize I have probably asked something quite similar. However, I still want to ask the guys; what is the least physical contact you would allow in a relationship and still date the girl? i. e, would you have to be able to kiss her?


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  • Hmm, interesting question. I understand not all girls want sex all the time, and won't want to give out blowjobs because they don't like that.

    Would a handjob be out of the question? What about you, what could I touch and what couldn't I?

    I'll be able to say if it's a deal breaker for me or not if you answer that :)

    • Haha thanks. For me, I do not show public affection (holding hands is okay), and want to have my FIRST kiss for when I get engaged. I had a relationship before, and he could touch anything but my boobs or "down there". Other than that, I would allow cuddling (spooning, laying on top, etc), hugging and holding hands. Just no touching inappropriate spots or kissing on the lips.

    • Ah. Yeah, sorry that would be a deal breaker to me as it sounds more like friendship and I want an intimate relationship with a girl I'm going out with, not just a friend.

      You will probably find a guy who shares your mindset though, might just take a bit longer. In all honesty, I've been single a while and even a cuddle sounds lovely to me at the minute, if you're a warm and affectionate person that could help a lot, a good (none sexual) massage is always nice both ways, as is snuggling up and watching a film, but I'd have to have a lot in common with the girl too I think. Good luck :)

    • Quite interesting! Definitely is a challenge. My main concern is to not partake in any sexual acts until marriage. Kissing... that may be debatable pending on how long our relationship would be. Thanks for your honest opinion though!