Girls, she says she doesn't have any feelings but do her actions speak otherwise?

I live abroad. Met girl, she left her boyfriend, started dating me. Passionate hook-ups, fun dates. Lasted around 2 months, she then says it's moving too fast and it's a bad idea because I live in another country. We stop dating.

Two months later she sends me a message on my bday. Really cute one. We start texting back and forth. Two-three weeks later she texts me 'good luck' and a heart emoticon because I have an exam.

A week later (and two days before I travel back home), we both attend a mutual friend's party. She seems distant at first, then she seems normal. I talk to a girl at the party and she seems a bit jealous. She compliments my new pants at one point, and acts normal, but when we all go to a club afterwards, she mocks my shirt and then she ignores me the whole time there. She dances with her guy friend and when I sit next to her, she suddenly gives him a big hug and goes dancing with him again. When I dance with another girl, suddenly she's dancing next to me with her guy friend. When I ask her to dance with me, she says no.

We return to our mutual friend's house later in the night. She acts a bit irritated towards me, so I ask her why she's been so strange this whole evening. She says she doesn't have feelings for me. I tell her I have feelings for her, but since she doesn't then we should just cut contact and stop seeing each other.

She gets mad and storms out of the room. My best friend, who's also at the party, says he was consoling her because she was mad and had tears in her eyes. She goes home saying goodbye to everyone, except me.

What's going on? Her mouth says she doesn't have feelings for me, but her actions say otherwise. Any idea?


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  • Commitment issues. They're the worse but they are real. Unfortunately, it's possible to like someone and not be all in. She's got emotional walls up which is why she keeps running and making up excuses. You know how they say if a guy wants to be with you, he will be with you. Same for girls. So if she's not... Catch my drift? Lol

    • Not really xD Could you elaborate that last sentence?

    • She's making excuses. And excuses are stupid and a waste of time. You shouldn't have to cconvince someone to be with you. If she wants to be with you, she will. Plain and simple.

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