How should I act with him when we are just seeing eachother?

Im very sad lately. Because im seeing a guy and we enjoy each other , have a lot of fun, go out and also stay in , and weve slept together (sex).
Im very unsure of his feelings though, and it has only been a short amount if time , we did have sex rather quickly (which is unusual for me, but I don't know if he would know that). And sometimes he kisses me goodbye. Other times not. He cuddles me. But I've seen other girls call on his phone and i know he knows i saw...
we aren't exclusive but of course i feel bad about that.
And so the problem here is, i dont know how to act.
I feel like i can't just kiss him goodbye. Bc i dont want to scare him and make him think i expect that im his girlfriend. I can't randomly hold his hand when i have the urge bc im not sure if he even actually likes me like that. , i dont want to pressure him or scare him away. But weve had sex before. Though i am not his girlfriend so i feel like i do not have the right to ask about other girls OR to show affection with him. I am playing games with myself and it sucks :(
any advice or experience thanks


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  • You need to plan to have sex and let him know.


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  • You need to talk to him and ASK!

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