What is going on with her? Why does she talk one day and then doesn't say anything the next day?

I had a great time with a girl friend (not girlfriend) this whole summer, one day we ended up getting intimate. Since September we have been talking everyday and dating quite a lot but for the last month things haven't been as smooth. If i dont talk to her she wont't talk for a day but if she sees that i'm not going to talk for longer than that she will talk to me about anything, just so we talk. Then if I text her/call her she will barely talk and it will be a while since i sent the text message. What is going on? Should i stopped talking to her or tell her to just no drive me crazy? by the way, I'm 26 and she is 24


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  • She sounds like one of those girl who expect the guy to do all the work and don't want to reciprocate or meet them half way. Because they expect this they run the game of, "oh I like you, now I don't..." because they think it'll keep you interested and on your toes ready to be at their beck-and-call and chase after them. I'm not a fan of those girls, personally but you have to ask yourself, how much do you like her? Because if you like her enough to put up with that, by all means help yourself. If not, get out now because you don't need that kind of drama in your life because that's all it is.


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