Should I make a move on this girl since she transferred to the college I go to?

This girl and I had a "thing" two years ago in a summer class when we were both taking a summer class at our local hometown commuter school. She went to a school 2 hours away and I go to a school half an hour away from our home town. She had a boyfriend at her old school and things went south but just texted me she coming to the college I'm and wanted to catch up and have me show her around the campus. I'm the only person she knows on campus right now and I am kinda exited and nervous at the same time.


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  • Sure, go for it. See what happens. You'll probably be hanging out with her anyway

    • By a "thing" I mean we would study together at each others house and eventually spent the night at my house and cuddled.

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    • Well yeah I mean it was kinda like I thought about her but we weren't in constant contact and when I ran into her it was a catch up conversation bit I didn't want to get to close and treated her like another good looking friendly girl. Then she randomly hit me up and I realized that instill have hidden feeling for her.

    • Well she obviously at least wants to spend time with you, otherwise she wouldn't have contacted you. I think if you still have feelings for her you should spend time with her and eventually let her know because she might still have feelings for you too

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