What does it mean, "The eyes are the window to the soul" meaning, What does that mean and how do I know that is happening?


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  • Well you can see it in two ways.
    The romantic way: the eyes are the window to the soul is a figure of speech similar to being able to look into someone's eyes, see all of them like who they really are and know they are the one. Your seeing their soul through their eyes.
    And the second is pretty much the same but I think more people can relate too, you can tell how the person is feeling (how their soul feels) for example even though I can look into the eyes of my boyfriend of two and a half years and hope he's really the one, and only one, I can not look and know 100% be a use who knows what will happen.
    But I can look into his eyes and know his emotion regardless of his facial expression. His poker face doesn't fool me. I know when he's angry, when he's about to cry, when he's hurt or sensitive, when he is passed off/furuious, passionate, horny lol, sleepy, excited or bored. his eyes alone say a lot, and over the years I've been able to know how he's feeling with ought having to ask.
    you'll feel the first one when you feel loved by that person and vice versa and the second with anyone you are truly emotionally close to and ho you know very well


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  • It's romanticized buuuuuuuuullshit, they're a couple of gelatinous round light sensors.


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