Girls, how would you feel about this?

So there's this guy who I've been friends with for about a year now and suddenly were texting a lot but its been about him and his girlfriend having problems. So me being a friend, I gave him advice's on how they can work out their relationship. Some of them work and some don't. I only just met her and from what I see she seems to get mad about little things like someone accidently bumped into her and tried to apologize and she'll make a big scene out of it. And one day, he texted me saying they broked up and that he needed someone to talk too. So I didn't mind because its me I like to help but maybe a week or two after the break up, he started texting me flirty messages and hanging out with me more and I found it weird because I myself got out of a really bad long-term relationship and I wanted to be to single for awhile. Because he confessed about how he supposedly has had a crush on me since the day we've met and that even though we barely talked before he started liking me more. But I feel weird because I'll admit I do have a crush on him but I was faithful and loyal to my previous relationship and because throughout last school year, he dated 3 other girls and so it made me feel curious if he actually does like me like that and not to just pass time or anything. And what happened now is that his ex now is sending me hate messages telling me to back off of him and that supposedly I'm a boyfriend stealer when she was cheating on him for another guy. And its just been ridiculous because all I'm trying to do is be reasonable and a good friend.


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  • Okay first things first. The girlfriend is a bitch let her be. Then about the guy I honestly don't know what is going on. I think there are 2 cases 1) that he has a crush on you, but he isn't sure about it but the fact that he was talking to u during his relationship made the bitch jealous 2) He liked you from the beginning but it was bad timing. And now he want to try with you.