Is this a weird technique to be happy?

When I usually get stressed out or start over thinking about everything I just drop everything. i take a deep breath and act as if all my problems and emotion pain is just slipping off of me. and I think about what's in the moment only. Nothing else. Is this weird to do? usually am a lot more happier


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  • Sounds kinda like meditation, or creative visualisation :)

    As long as you're not just avoiding things you need to deal with, it seems very healthy. Taking a little time to clear your mind is never a bad idea

    I hope you do feel happy? <3


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  • No it's almost fine.

    But you shouldn't pretend... just try your best to cut off from emotions, desire, attachment etc. Meditation is something that will definitely help you a lot

    • So is this actually a form of meditationm

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    • I'd rather not... but it's not just meditation, but also an attitude towards that you can't develop in modern western society... Listen to the words long written down

      This mental illness shit has just cropped up in the past 50-100 years. We have gotten sicker and become more unhappy. Men throughout history have had hard lives and faced many horrors... so what do you think they did? Look it up, this is as far as I'll go.

      Good luck!

    • Can you at least point me a direction?