How do you deal with the pain of having been somebody's second choice?

Thankfully, I didn't wait around for him. I realized that he was treating me unfairly and got out of the situation very quickly. But it still hurts so badly, in ways that I cannot describe. How does one heal in this situation?


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  • everyone's probably someone's second choice at the end of the day


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  • I feel you girl haha I get sad for maybe an hour
    Ask what's wrong with me
    But then after that hour
    I'm just like wait
    His fucking loss
    And I say all the nicest things to myself and it cheers me up
    Plus just smile
    Even if you don't want to
    Smillleee it makes everyone feel better
    And have your friends there to make you laugh
    You'll forget his sorry ass so quick and that will hurt him more than you
    Because in his world
    Having two girls hooked on him is heaven and if you show your weakness then he'd be like fuck yeah she did like me

    • Really? Forgetting him will really hurt him? Because I deleted him from all social media

    • And I think he might realilize that

    • It will and if you see him around smile and laugh and let him see you're ok