How to make him fall for me more when he doesn't think about relationships much?

I've been really into this guy for past couple of months... We daily talk for a couple of hours via texts before we go go to sleep. We both know we like each other. He is 7 years elder than me. ( we are both adults). But things have been stagnant since then. He said he doesn't think about relationships much. Although we're in same city we do not get the chance to hang around much. Only about 2 times a month.

How to make things move a bit faster... And make him fall for me.


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  • You can't really make a guy like you. You can just be yourself, and certain guys will like you for who you are.

    Texting is low quality communication, in my opinion. If you both have 2 hours to communicate you should be talking on the phone... or better yet, Skyping... or better yet meet up for coffee, or a drink or something. If he's not willing to do that, then he's not into relationship.

    So ask him, sooner than later. That way you can get on with your life.


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