How do I ask this girl out in college?

This girl is in my geology class, and she is beautiful. I tried to talk to her last quarter, but she either was with her friend or rushed to the parking lot to drive to work (according to what she told her friend). I like her and want to pursue a relationship or at least sex and maybe even hanging out with her as friends. What do I say to her? I lack game and flirting skills. And how to bypass her friend/get around her work schedule?


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  • How much do you know her? Go and get to know her first even if her friend is there you can at least strike up a conversation. If she's a person you like, take it slow and get to know her without getting friend zoned first. Don't just rush and jump on ti sex. And if she's not a beautiful person unlike what she sounds like it'll be easy to get her laid if you be an ass hole.

    • We have never talked before.

    • and how do I get to know her, with our class/study/social life schedule and her work schedule?

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  • Hahaha you're fucked.

    I tried the same thing, dude. It's fantasy, not real life. Concentrate on parts of your life you can control, like your college education. My advice is that you completely forget about women outside of porn and prostitutes, and just wait for women to come to you. Pursuing them will get you nowhere.


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  • "Or at least sex" lmao

    "Howdy sugar?"