What do you go when the person you like is a bad kisser?

You like them and they're great, but their kissing... kinda sucks.

This is a problem I have at the moment. He opens his mouth too much and just kinda shoves his tongue in and when I tried to slow it down and take control he seemed to kinda try to maintain control? Lol.

Keep kissing and see if it improves? I don't have the heart to say anything! He's sweet as fuck and a little insecure. I still wanna kiss him anyway but damn.


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What Guys Said 2

  • If he doesn't respon to your physical responses, you need to be very verbal with him. Personally I prefer when a woman tells me exactly what she likes. If something feels good, break away and say something cliche like "woah, I just got chills"

    • It took him a lot of courage to kiss me in the first place so I am too nice to tell him with words :(

  • You can always teach them how to be a better kisser yeah?

    • Yeah but how do you do that without saying they're bad at it?

What Girls Said 1

  • Teach him without letting him know you're teaching him. Keep kissing him, using YOUR techniques and he'll eventually go with it.

    I had to do that with a guy I dated. I was his first everything. Now he's with some other girl, but I taught him everything he needed to know and he still thanks me, lmao. Just be patient. It'll happen; he'll improve.

    • I hope! He dated a girl for several months. Maybe she was bad too or they didn't kiss much I don't know. But yeah ima try. Lol

    • Just guide him.

      Take advice from this clip to teach him 😂 Granted it's two girls, but honestly, it shows a pretty good view of both ends.

    • Lol thank you. That was strange but useful