I feel like he doesn't care?

We're in a ldr. Yesterday morning my boyfriend texted me saying hey. I was a little shocked as he no longer ever texts first unless I do. So anyways I replied back and after a few hours he asked me 'how r uu?' which is also odd as he no longer even asks me how I am. Anyways I replied saying that I have the flu but I'm otherwise well and I asked how he was. He read the text a whole 12 hours later and didn't bother to reply. He says he loves me and he cares for me but yesterday didn't show that for me. I don't understand why he even bothered to text me if he didn't wanna talk to me. I always bring it up to him that I feel lonely and then he'll fix up for a while coz I say I'm leaving and then he'll reassure me I'm not lonely and then slowly goes back to his old ways. I just feel hurt ik its the flu but he didn't even ask how I'm feeling etc.


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  • LDR is never easy, but it doesn't seem like he's making the same efforts as you are in this relationship you guys have.

    • He texted me first I don't know why.. And when I replied to how I was he didn't reply back tho I asked how he was. He didn't seem to care I'm sick and that hurt

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  • If you've tried to bring this problem up before this may be your sign. I just asked a question, and the comments said what I was always feeling in my gut. I think you kind of know exactly why it's not OK for him to treat you that way. My personal opinion is to try to voice the problem up front and honest (men seem to respond better when you put it all out on the table, don't sugarcoat it just say what the problem is) and if you see this pattern again then you have your answer. Walk like a duck, look like a duck... yeahhh lol you get it.

    Hope this helped.

    • My sign for what? Everytime I say I'm going he quickly fixes it and says he's sorry and he tries for while. I understand he's busy. He works and studies and he has to support his whole family as his dad is sick. I understand that so I try hot to. And when I bring it up he is genuinely sorry and does try for a while. He says he loves me... He tells me he does often and that he cares for me but I don't know. I really do tht get it lol I'm confused rn and very hurt

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    • Well I don't have all the information on your relationship but like I said in the above post. Don't be unhappy. Your young. So am I so I can understand where you're coming from. Make decisions to make yourself happy at this age. As long as it doesn't purposely hurt other people. :))

    • See he makes me happy but I just don't understand him sometimes. Like maybe he can't always express himself. I don't know. He tells me he loves me he wants me to trust him and I do... Not trust just in the sense that he won't cheat but trust his feelings that they are genuine aand I do but then he does this...

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