Girls, what makes an appealing online dating profile? Poll and opinions plz?

I'm not asking for tips on HOW TO LIE in my profile. I always represent myself honestly, but no one's interested. I have 8 photos - photos at the beach, with skateboard, graduation photo, just me smiling, etc. I used to take time making a long, wordy profile. Nothing has ever worked. I just meet weird girls or none of them are even remotely interested. The last girl was into casinos, and I'm assuming gambling. I don't think I'm ugly, but nothing has worked over the past 2-3 years.

  • Hawt profile picture, 6 pack with no shirt
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  • Humorous profile
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  • Answered 300 random questions, and we match 100%
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  • Matching interests
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  • Manly, macho, manly man
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  • Sincere, honest, genuine writing with confidence
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  • Other (leave opinion)
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I guess it's going to be a tie between sincerity and confidence versus being funny. Even comedians can't be funny all the time.


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  • Answered 300 random questions? You must be on OkCupid hahaha!! But I think you did good with what you've posted so far. Im not sure whats up with these girls.

    • @DesiDoo OkCupid aka OkStupid, that college one, probably Zoosk... I have tried every dating site except Tinder and E-Harmony and misc [Blank]_Dating site.

    • I don't know sometimes people don't believe you when you're being honest. Other times there aren't any girls online in my area or any that I would like to meet. I just don't understand how girls make their decisions.

    • Same with guys. I admit, my silly friends talked me into okcupid a few years ago. I only met a few guys on there but was too nervous to meet them in real life haha. So i was like, this site ain't for me lol