i hungout with my girlfriend on New Year's Eve. It was our two month and since we we're going to be staying up late I'd figure I would stay the night since I'd be too tired to drive home. I stayed in the extra room in her house. At first her mom was against it because I'm a boy. Lol the other day the mom texted her while we're hanging out asking why I had a hicky on my neck. That Hicky was from my girlfriend and she obviously gave it to me. She played the dumb card and now her mom was like why were you guys in her bedroom? Like that's where we always hangout for the 2 months I've been going there. It's weird how the mom is taking notice of these things now. I don't understand why. Should I have anything to worry about when I'm over there? The parents like me and I don't do anything stupid while I'm there. I saw a text from her mom saying how the stepdad didn't want me staying over because of the hickey that was on my neck. It's like now you're starting to show concern with what your daughter does? I don't want it to conclude that the parents don't want me around their daughter. I care about her a lot and wouldn't do anything to screw things up. What should I do? Any thoughts on this situation?


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  • Well Fuck it! Old folks assume the worst! I would just told my mom off right than and there! I think your girlfriend need to talk to her mom and her folks about y'all relationship! And they need to respect that you guys are young adults and its part of life to be sexual. And they need to get over it. And make sure she on birth control! No one want to get pregnant!

    • Problem is she doesn't talk to her parents about that stuff because they're not close and that she feels like they wouldn't understand or whatever.

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    • Oh come on! BE A WOMEN! Girl! I swear I would slap some sense into you! A couple of time so you understand! Ugh! She need to fight! Hell i would offer to speak with them but I am a stranger danger haha!

    • Easier said then done. Lol

  • I mean you're both adults
    But the rule of
    Their house their rules still applies
    So you have to respect that since she still lives with them


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  • I think the entire problem is the asshole stepfather... That fucker is must be doing all this purposely... And he may be having any sexual fantasy about your girlfriend and maybe he is now getting jealous...

    • I don't think so man. Lol that's a little too extreme. They don't know me personally. Yes I have been going to her house for the last 2 months. I think they're just parents being typical parents

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    • Don't sweat it dude. I'm just gonna play it cool and do my thing

    • Lol best of luck

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