Before 3 years we met in school and fell in love together but after one year we fighted so much but everytime we got back together but in the summer holiday she left me for 4 monthes so I became so bad in my life.. but with the start of new school season she came back and we talked (anytime she left me Itold her too much not to go and please come back like this things nearly more than 1000 messages in 4 monthes ) when she came back our relationship somehow came back and again fell In love.. After few monthes there was a short holiday of like one month she left me there too.. This time I was worse (my health and my mind) later a girl came and talked me so I talked her from my pain I cared about her but never went away with her by talk.. then she came and said you talked another girl and made relationship after me and she became very sad (but she left me so why? Even I didn't say love words with that girl?) Then she came back after that again summer holiday she left me again this time I became completely damaged in my health and psychologically damaged and went to hospital many times but she even don't believe that I went to hostipal or I've been damaged. . Then again school came back she also texted me (it's two years we are not talking in school only texting) but now she say I will show you my love just if you made me trust you again and now her family discovered everything they don't let her go out or anything like that.. even they took her phone too (like she said) but she come often.. now its like a week she didn't come and 3 days she doesn't see my messages... she said now we should care about our studies then love..
Does she love me? How can I regain her trust? Just tell me anything you thought about when you heared my story
Thanks for your opinions...


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  • yeah she loves you.