It's so complicated, is it really over?

I've been together with a guy for 2 mths, and we realised that we don't have many things to talk about. Communication is very important in relationships, and yet that's the problem that made our relationship gone dead. Both of us are feeling very lost now, we have thoughts on getting back together, but we were afraid the same problem might resurface again (very likely).

Should we get back together, or should we part ways?

PS: We agreed to have get some changes If we were to get back together, so as to make sure the lack-of-things-to-talk-about problem has a lower probability of resurfacing again.

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What Guys Said 2

  • Maybe it's better not to get back together, I can't see how this communication problem will vanish. If you didn't have things to talk about in the past, you'll probably won't have things to talk about now.

    • can u give me some examples of good, constructive communication between cpls?

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    • i did that. after what he said i stopped bringing up his past. we did talk about future, but really nth much, cos i asked him what do u wanna work as in future? what he told me was "idk, maybe xxxx" not much info though haha

    • So perhaps you could talk about theories of his future work and stuff like that, speculation perhaps, only to keep the conversation going...

  • I voted 🙂

    • which one? haha

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    • Well if you wanna talk about it I'm all ears what's your biggest fear about getting back with him

    • My biggest fear is about him not committing in the relationship. When he thinks the rs won't work out, he won't go for it. As a result i can sense that his commitment lvl drop. Which made me tired of trying to save the rs. i'm afraid about my rs not working out again after getting back tgt. something like that

What Girls Said 1

  • You should probably part ways.