Doesn't he care about me?

My boyfriend texted me asking how I was and I said I have the flu and I'm not too well and I askd how he was. He read the text a whole 12 hours later and didn't bother to reply. Doesn't he care about me?


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  • He might be busy doing something. Girls do this to guys way to often so stop playing victim.

    • I'm. Not playing victim. He didn't bother to reply or even see how I was.

    • And yes ik he is busy with work etc

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  • If he didn't care he wouldn't be with you in the first place. He was probably just busy and when the time came that he read the text he may not have wanted to disturb you because you were sick and you should be resting and focusing on getting better.

    • See that's what I thought too but someone told me that it's a bad sign etc and my only thought was that I trust him and his feelings for me.. He tells me he loves me and if he didn't he wouldn't be with me

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    • Hmm I have the tendency to overthinkin lol but its coz of my past and. Stuff... Thanks for your help

    • You're welcome, I hope you feel better!

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