How to deal with being a good girl who constantly attracts players?

By 'good girl', I mean a good woman with a heart of gold who's extremely loyal and doesn't toy with men. I don't like the whole 'player culture' where men and women play each other, use each other, and act like their whole preence in each other's lives is to play one huge game. I don't want to be involved with a guy knowing that he's going to be kissing all over or flirting with another woman later on. Yet I contstantly attract the type of guy who is very attractive, very confident, and recieves a lot of female attention. I know that some of these guys just have emotional issues and use the company of women to numb themsevles to them and I may be willing to see if he could change WITHOUT us being official yet or actually dating. Some of the best people are rough around the edges for whatever reason and I belive everyone can be amazing behind all of the nonsense this world brings.

Anyway, how should I handle this? I'm kinda dating a guy who's player-esque because he used to get rejected all the time so now it's like he's still trying to numb getting his heartbroken. I sense he could really be amazing if he would get the f*ck over this issue. What to do?


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  • How exactly is this an issue with the guy you're seeing? Like what has caused you to think that about him. Please explain. As for the other part the only thi ng I can say is that it's something that you just have to deal with, especially if you are very attractive because the attraction good girl is the biggest and greatest challenge to players. Once they get that girl they think they own the world because she is not like the usual hoes that he gets. I'm in a similar situation. I know that many girls find me attractive and I attract loads of female players or hoes who I don't even bother to waste my time with, but the good girls that I actually like don't bother with me because they see all of the other girls around me which deters them and leads them to believe that I'm a player, when in reality I don't even talk to most of the girls. You might be in a similar situation.

    • He's a gorgeous, talented man who travels a lot for business and basically gets international pussy from all over the world or at least that's what he's been used to.

      He has a tough emotional past and I know he's using sex to numb what he's been through but I'm telling you... this is a special man. If he could get this out of his system, then he would make a phenomenal partner

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