What did he mean by he likes me a lot but doesn't love me?

So this guy I like (We both like each other) and he's my ex. We're still friends. He hangs out with me at lunch at school, texts me, let's me wear his hoodies and stuff. He always teasing me "Asking me out" and he says its his best friend but it's starting to happen too often and I don't think it's his best friend.. So I confronted him about it asking why he always asks me out but doesn't mean it and he got really mad and said it was his best friend but his best friend and I are kinda close and he says it was him who texted me. After he got mad at me for confronting him about it, his best friend asked him if he loved me and he said no he just likes me a lot and he also asked if he'd ever go out with me again and he said no... Ever since we broke up in September we've been really good friends and even hang out outside of school. I just don't understand why he said that... Opinions please?

He even sometimes takes me to school dances and we go together


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  • Us guys are usually pretty straightforward, but this guy is a mess. I would take his word for it given the circumstances. He simply doesn't love you or want a relationship with you. I'm still good friends and flirt with my ex, but not to the extent that he does and we both know that I don't intend to date her again especially with how much damage our relationship caused each other. There is a line that he has crossed which is causing you to be confused about his intentions. Just tell him that if he doesn't want a relationship then he needs to stop screwing around and messing with your head or else you can't be friends.

    • Yeah. I think I'll do that. Thank you. It's just really annoying cause he flirts with me a lot but then once I find out that he doesn't want to even be in a relationship really gets me.😞 And I also didn't understand why he got so mad about me asking him why he kept asking me out I was really nice about it but he just got really annoyed for some reason.. :/

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    • There's your problem. You haven't had any time apart to get over it.

    • Yeah.😕

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